The Queen New Deal

It's time to go big so more people can go home

For years now, Charlotte leaders have said improving economic mobility is the Queen City’s mission. Too many of our neighbors have been living with the realities of segregation and intergenerational poverty because of our current systems, institutions, and policies. The solutions haven’t been big enough, and the divide in our community continues to grow.

That’s why Chad Stachowicz is proposing the Queen New Deal: a comprehensive policy plan to increase economic mobility in every neighborhood.

It’s time to think big and be bold, Charlotte.

Affordable Housing

  • Increase our investment in the Housing Trust Fund by $25 million every two years. Use some of this investment to make sure people in volatile housing situations have a bed.
  • Track existing affordable housing (a.k.a. naturally occurring affordable housing or NOAH) that is being lost to gentrification and work to preserve it.
  • Create 30,000 new homeowners by investing in down payment assistance, increasing access to existing programs, and building homes. Home equity is economic equity.
  • Establish an Office of Housing Advocacy to educate more people about new and existing programs, and fight for good affordable housing policy in city government and Raleigh.

Better Government

  • Change the city’s ethics rules to prohibit contributions from lobbyists and developers who have business before the city.
  • Create a participatory budgeting initiative to involve Charlotte residents in how their money is spent so our budget reflects every neighborhood’s priorities.
  • Lobby Raleigh for changes in the law that will help us build a better city:
    • Inclusionary zoning and a vacancy tax that supports affordable housing;
    • Funding for our transit corridors including the Silver Line light rail;
    • The ability for municipalities with over 500,000 to set their own minimum wage;
    • A bigger investment in fighting climate change.


  • Expand technology training programs so women and students of color can learn skills and get access to better paying jobs that will still be here by the end of their careers.
  • Dramatically expand Charlotte’s Sustainability Office and train students and adults for good-paying green jobs so their families can have better, financially secure lives.
  • Make sure that economic incentives - a.k.a. our tax dollars - go to companies that pay a living wage with good benefits.

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I love Charlotte and want to do everything I can to make it better

I am running for Charlotte City Council At Large because I love Charlotte, and I’m running a campaign that’s rejecting special interest money. If elected, I’ll focus on housing affordability, transportation, fiscal responsibility, and public safety.

I am the CEO of a local tech company, Cloverhound, and I’ll bring my entrepreneurial and budgetary experience to council.

I live in the Cameron Wood neighborhood with my wife Kat, my daughters Penelope and Norah, and three hound dogs. My most important job is as a father, and I’m running because I want my daughters to grow up in a city where anything is possible for them.